Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Commissioned Portrait

This is a commissioned portrait I recently finished. Oil on linen, 30x40cm/16x12”

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pay it Forward - USA

Yesterday the ‘Pay it Forward’ exhibition opened at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
Here are some pictures of the show (thank you Principle Gallery!) and the links to the catalogue and a slideshow.

5 Things you should know about ‘Pay it Forward’

Here is a slideshow with all the paintings in the show:

Buy the catalogue ($19.99):

Friday, 5 September 2014

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Commission or Purchase a Painting

Sometimes I receive these lovely polite enquiries from people asking whether my work is for sale. Well, of course it is! Painting is my passion, but it is also a business. Painting becomes a lot more satisfying and grateful knowing there are others who enjoy it. So my paintings are for sale in various galleries, in exhibitions, and directly from the studio or online. I ship paintings to pretty much anywhere in the world and I usually have an Open Studio event once a year in May.  Just drop me a line for any questions, you are under no obligation.

I have added a ‘Commissions’ page to my website as well as a ‘Purchasing’ page to inform you about how to commission a painting. I am always delighted to take on portrait commissions and have had many happy clients in the past. Alternatively we can work together on eternalising a precious piece of clothing, such as a christening or wedding gown, or perhaps work towards a still life with a personal item incorporated in it. Just ask and we can discuss possibilities.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

25 Days to go

 Only 25 DAYS TO GO for the BP Portrait Award in London!
It is nearly coming to an end....The BP Portrait Award 2014 will pack up and move on in 25 days. I hope you have had a chance to go and see it, or plan to see it soon. For me it has been an amazing experience.

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Shawl

New work, just off the easel

The Shawl
Oil on linen

Some details...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer School

The National Portrait Gallery runs an excellent program for young people. One of their activities is to get youngsters involved in the BP Portrait Award and so the BP Portrait Next Generation is a project that runs throughout the year trying to get young people involved in portrait painting. They run ‘Taster Sessions’ (1 day) and ‘Summer Schools’ (3 days). Yesterday I was involved for one day in one of their Summer Schools. These are wonderful workshops for 14-19 year olds, which are free (!). The kids have to apply to the Summer School and of course there are many more applicants then places so a selection is taking place. The ‘kids’ then spend 3 days with BP artists and explore drawing, painting and listen to talks and watch demo’s. It is all very hands-on and they produce a lot of drawings and paintings!
Yesterday I was one of the ‘BP artists’ (cool title!) and spent the day with them. I did a little talk in front of my paintings in the gallery where I explained what I have been doing in the past year, and how I go about my paintings. We then explored the Tudor and Early Stuart Galleries in the museum and focussed on fabrics and textures - all under the expert guidance of tutors/artists Sadie Lee and Peta Taylor and a little help from me. After lunch we tackled an underpainting - which they will develop into a full-colour painting today when BP artist James Hague takes over from me. On day 1 they were joined by BP winner Thomas Ganter who shared his work process and joined them for some life drawing. What a great workshop! Find the kids on Twitter under #BPnextgen
Here are some pics of the day:
I am doing a little talk in front of my works

The kids get stuck in

I am joining in too

Sunday, 17 August 2014


I wrote a piece about my BP Travel Award works for The Jackdaw magazine, published in the Sept/Oct issue, out now.
Thank you Jackdaw.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Making a Mark

Making a Mark blog has written an extensive post and review about my BP Travel Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I am very grateful to the author, Katherine Tyrrell, who has taken the time to write such a wonderful post. I hope you will enjoy it. And thank you Making a Mark.

Here is an extract:

Sophie Ploeg and The Lace Trail - BP Travel Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery
Sophie Ploeg's BP Travel Award exhibition 'The Lace Trail" can currently be seen at the National Portrait Gallery in London - until 21 September 2014.  It then tours to Sunderland and Edinburgh in 2014-15.
Sophie Ploeg with part of The Lace Trail
the exhibition for the BP Travel Award 2013
at the National Portrait Gallery - 26 June - 21 September 2014

The exhibition follows on from Sophie winning the BP Travel Award in 2013.  Her exhibition is about Fabric and Lace in Early 17th Century Portraiture - An Interpretation in Paint. To my mind it's a bit of a masterclass in how  to portray complex fabrics in portraits - in the past and the present - as well as an academic exercise in understanding something about the art history of the portrayal of lace and how paintings from the past can inspire those of today.

What follows is:

  • a video interview with Sophie Ploeg
  • photographs of Sophie and her models - with their portraits
  • photographs of the exhibition
  • a review of her book - produced as a result of her project.

Continue reading the blog post here
content © Katherine Tyrrell

Friday, 8 August 2014

Women Painting Women

Pay It Forward

5 September - 10 October

I am delighted to, once again, join the Women Painting Women exhibitions held annually in the US and sometimes Europe. Last year I was invited to exhibit a few pieces at Art Exposure Gallery in Glasgow, and this year I am proud to join a wonderful group of artists at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, US.

The ‘movement’ describes itself as such on their blog: "Women Painting Women" explores how contemporary women painters are handling women as subjects. The blog was founded by artists Alia El-Bermani, Diane Feissel and Sadie Valeri.”

This year’s exhibition is titled ‘Pay it Forward’ and a percentage of each sale will go to a charity of the buyer’s choosing. A catalogue will be available.

My contribution to his exhibition is
Looking Back
oil on line

Artist represented in the Pay It Forward Exhibition are:

Jennifer Balkan
Mia Bergeron

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

BP Portrait Award Catalogue

BP Portrait Award 2014 catalogue. National Portrait Gallery 2014.
In the BP Portrait Award 2014 catalogue there is a 7-page essay about my work for the Travel Award, written by Richard McClure. It is a lovely honour to have such a substantial part of the catalogue devoted to my work. You can buy the catalogue in all good bookshops, amazon and the National Portrait Gallery shop.

BP Portrait Award 2014 Catalogue